YouTube Videos Serve as Tutor for Struggling Students

Today I read an interesting article in the education section of USA Today about teachers posting math and science videos on YouTube to help tutor students. 


“Math videos won’t rival the millions of hits garnered by laughing babies,” the article states, “but a YouTube tutorial on calculus integrals has been watched almost 50,000 times in the past year. Others on angular velocity and harmonic motion have gotten more than 10,000 views each.”


This is an extremely interesting concept.  It’s blending core subjects with technology, and using a medium many students know well.  This is something I might try in the future.  I could video tape a quick lesson on grammar or the writing process from my home (or the basics of any lesson, for that matter), and post it on YouTube to help some of my struggling students. 


This could also work for students who’ve missed the lesson because they were absent from class. 


To read the full USA Today article, “Need a tutor? YouTube videos await,” click here.

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