3 thoughts on “‘Obama Effect’ erasing racial achievement gap

  1. Obama was inaugurated only a few days ago, and suddenly there’s a significant increase in African American students’ test scores? I’m skeptical. I’ve noticed that black students feel empowered by Obama’s election, but feel it’s too soon to begin extolling test scores.

  2. Without even seeing the first comment, I felt the same way. This seems a little too quick, for my taste.

    How could this even be possible?

    And, you can’t really say that attribute one thing to another until it is tested over a longer period of time than a few months.

    If its true, its great news.
    But, I would say that more time needs to go by before we can point to this as a determining factor.

  3. Stranger things have happened. Let’s keep the door open and say that personal expectations based on what others have achieved–usually rise when the role models are positive. If he can do it, so can I.
    Henry Ford said, “If you think you can you probably will and if you think you can’t you probably won’t.” Just changing thinking patterns can change results.
    I don’t know what tomorrow brings so why not expect sunshine.

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