Cuts at libraries mean Philadelphia students could have nothing

Though Philadelphia‘s public library services recently landed on the chopping block, the city’s public school students have watched school library services dwindle for years.


Today, more than half of the district’s 281 schools have no library staff. In one region, it’s up to 78 percent.”


The above excerpt is from a story in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, “Cuts at libraries mean Philadelphia students could have nothing”. 


Janet Malloy, who is our librarian at Swenson Arts and Technology High School and also president of the Association of Philadelphia School Librarians, is very concerned about the situation. 


“Lots of the failing schools have no librarian or no library,” Malloy told the Inquirer.


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2 thoughts on “Cuts at libraries mean Philadelphia students could have nothing

  1. Hey Chris.

    Thanks for posting. Wanted to pass on these links for information on Philadelphia school libraries.The correct link to A.P.S.L.’s website is (the one you have is an older link….)
    In addition, you might want to also list our A.P.S.L. wiki…
    and also take a look at Helen Gym’s comments on her wiki.
    I hope this attention gets something to happen in the libraries within the school district. Keep on bloggin’!!!

  2. Janet,

    I updated the link for APSL’s website. I also checked out Helen Gym’s comments. Concerned residents of Philadelphia have had enough influence to keep Mayor Nutter from closing those 11 libraries, so there is much hope for the libraries in our city’s schools. Thanks for bringing these issues to my attention.


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