Imagine 2014



by Christopher Paslay

(Re: Imagine 2014)






Imagine there’s no insults
It’s easy if you try
No blaming just the teachers
No waving 30 schools goodbye
Imagine the SRC
Giving us what we need


Imagine no outside managers

It isn’t hard to do

No wasting millions of dollars

And no consultants too

Imagine all the parents

Pulling their own weight


You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday the SRC will join us

And every child will be someone   


Imagine no betrayal

I wonder if you can

No inside agenda

A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the politicians

Doing what they say


You may say that I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday the SRC will join us

And every child will be someone


4 thoughts on “Imagine 2014

  1. Good change of pace.
    We need to wax poetic periodically — Peacefully pondering about Philadelphia and the philosophical positions of politicians. However, I am taking the day off from the wacky world of educational politics and I am just going to BE!
    Before I rest I want to relay some reality. I have visited several of the 30 schools who are on the “LIST.”
    Teacher attendance is high, staff development is constant, Principals are working 16 hours day (like some teachers), there is urgency and high concern for achievement.
    Other observations–largest class sizes in the state, few, if any, classroom aides, resources in short supply, district overseers do too much threatening and not enough leading and modeling, and too few parents are available.
    Question–How will changing the name of the school or the Overseer–change the environment, the parents, and the lack of support??

  2. It won’t change the underachievement… but it will certainly make a few people a lot of money, and it will break up the union even further. They’ll hire us all back at 1/2 rate…
    Didn’t Dr. Ackerman suggest that the PFT could run some of the schools?…. Does that make any sense? Wouldnt the teachers then have to start another union… employers can’t represent employees…
    Chris, I think you are a dreamer… As a wise man once told me… “Show me an honest politician and I’ll show you an unemployed politician.”

  3. We all know what works, smaller class size and real discipline. yet the school district is closing schools to expand class size in the remaining nearby schools. Clearly the SRC is not putting the interests of children first.
    Why is it we pay Ackerman hundreds of thousands of dollars so she can hire people to do the job she can’t: like creating small schools like Mastery? Taxpayers in Philadelphia are the losers here as we could accomplish the same results for millions upon millions less.
    For more of my comments please click the link below.

  4. I wish it were that easy but as we all know and experience it never is. People in charge or large groups have, as number one on their agenda to remain in charge. It is no different with the SRC. They state the aims as educational improvement, yet their decisions run contrary to that aim. It does not stop at that level either. The state needs to take culpability for their actions and decisions. The bottom lime is that politics will never be the best way to run a school district or a school. Isin’t it a shame that the wave of reform from the last presidential race has not yet panned out, at least for education. The current Health, Education and Welfare secretary is a business man. Perhaos health and welfare need a business man to run them properly, but how can anyone but an experienced school teacher run that post. The eaders of schools and districts need experience, and lots of it, 15-20 years would be a good start.

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