Sharpton, Gingrich and Duncan: Rebuilding America’s Schools, Brick by Brick


 by Silence Dogood

The official word is in: There is hope for education!  This encouraging conclusion was drawn by Al Sharpton, the race-hustling, anti-Semitic demagogue who in 1983 was caught on FBI surveillance tape discussing a cocaine deal; Newt Gingrich, the draft dodger and serial adulterer who admitted to cheating on his wife while leading the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton; and Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education who has zero experience teaching in a public school classroom and possesses no instructional certificate of any kind! 


After bestowing their greatness on the students and faculty at Mastery Charter School’s Shoemaker Campus and McDaniel Elementary in Philadelphia, these education gurus graced the public with their expert opinion: Schools can actually work!  Kids can actually learn!         


“After visiting these two schools today, I am more inspired and encouraged than I have been,” Sharpton said. “It’s a breakthrough moment.”


“You realize what is possible for all American children,” Gingrich said regarding his trip to the schools.


Philadelphia, I think, is really at a fork in the road,” Duncan said. “Philadelphia has a chance to lead the national conversation in education.”


It’s good to know Philadelphia public schools have passed the Sharpton-Gingrich-Duncan litmus test.  With these guys at the helm, it’s only a matter of time before America’s public schools are the world’s best and brightest.      


1 thought on “Sharpton, Gingrich and Duncan: Rebuilding America’s Schools, Brick by Brick

  1. I am brewing a potion to fix the school district’s woes. Boil water in a big cauldron and add a fat toad to it. Once Sharpton has melted throw in the eye of Newt and start dunkin’ Arne for all he’s worth. It won’t actually do jack for the school district, but neither will these three clowns. At least they’ll be gone.

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