Calling All Literary Agents and Publishers!

I’m currently seeking a publisher/literary representation for a 70,000 word non-fiction book titled The Village Proposal: Why Education is a Shared Responsibility.  The book is based on the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child.  Part education commentary, part memoir, The Village Proposal analyzes the theme of “shared responsibility” in education, and examines the various entities that have an impact on America’s schools, such as parents and community, politics, private business, technology, and multiculturalism. Although some elements are more influential than others, all of these impact how and what children learn. 


Because teachers are the centerpiece of education, the story of my teaching career is told in alternating chapters opposite my commentary on shared responsibility.  I believe it’s necessary to put my own teaching under the microscope and lead by example.  Specifically, I highlight my transformation from a first-year English teacher struggling with classroom management to a veteran educator who develops within his students a passion for writing.


I’m a frequent contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer, where my articles on education and school reform regularly appear.  My commentaries on public schools have also been published in the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia City Paper.  I’ve also had work featured in Education Week and Philadelphia Magazine. 


Although books on education reform cover a wide variety of topics, The Village Proposal is one of the first to carry the “shared responsibility” message.  It is also the first to combine commentary and memoir in a way that bridges the gap between theory and practice.     


Any parties interested in seeing a proposal of the book please contact me at


No “vanity” or print-on-demand self-publishers, please!


Thank You.


–Christopher Paslay


1 thought on “Calling All Literary Agents and Publishers!

  1. I would like to congratulate you for this article in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning. For forty years I have been working with other colleagues in developing the science of Dialogic Design. This People Science is dedicated to the engagement of people from all walks of life in designing their social sytems. It has been applied extensively in the state of Michigan under the auspices of the Michigan Department of Education.

    One of the Axioms of the science reads:

    The Engagement Axiom: Designing social systems, such as health, education, cities, communities, without the authentic engagement of the stakeholders is unethical, and results in inferior plans that are not capable of implementation (Hasan Ozbekhan).

    If you would like to see the other axioms of the Dialogic Design Science please visit:

    It is almost criminal that teachers who spend their life time in the classroom and have a great stake in designing policies that affect their lives as well as the lives of their students are not engaged in policy dialogues.

    Alexander N. Christakis, PhD

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