Ackerman Supporter Burns a Copy of the Inquirer Outside School District Headquarters

 by Christopher Paslay

After city schools’ chief Arlene Ackerman told the media outside of school district headquarters today that she isn’t going anywhere, activist Sacaree Rhodes burned a copy of the Philadelphia Inquirer.         

Kristen Graham, an education beat reporter for the Inquirer, wrote about the incident on her blog:   

“After Ackerman spoke, activist Sacaree Rhodes burned a copy of the Philadelphia Inquirer, saying the paper’s coverage of Ackerman has been racist.

‘The devil is on our feet,’ Rhodes shouted as the paper burned.  ‘The Daily News and the Inquirer has done nothing but treated this woman like she has committed a crime!  The only crime she has committed is demanding justice for all.’

‘You’re going to pay for it,’ Rhodes added.”

This is the second time in a week an Ackerman supporter has threatened violence.  One week ago, school police officer Pamela Williams, who is under investigation by the Philadelphia School District for leading recent rallies in support of Ackerman while on disability, publically voiced her displeasure that the district is planning to cut eight of its proposed 11 Promise Academies.

Williams told district officials at a meeting last week to “come out front and do the right thing. . . . If you don’t do it right, I’m going to call in the troops.”  She went on to say that if the district doesn’t fund the Promise Academies, the city “will be another London. Our children will begin to revolt. They’re already mad. They’re already angry.”

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