Daily News Covers Chalk and Talk Blog

“BY DAY, Christopher Paslay teaches The Crucible and Thoreau’s Walden to juniors at Swenson Arts and Technology High School.

By night, the 39-year-old teacher-turned-blogger maintains a website, Chalk and Talk, that gives public-school teachers a voice.

For Paslay, it was the advent of the No Child Left Behind reform model – the idea of holding schools to standards judged by test scores – that triggered his advocacy on behalf of his fellow teachers. . . .”

This is an excerpt from yesterday’s Philadelphia Daily News story, “He gives teachers a voice outside the classroom” by reporter Morgan Zalot, which highlights Chalk and Talk–this very blog!–as a platform for the voices of public school teachers.  Click here to read the article in its entirety. 


2 thoughts on “Daily News Covers Chalk and Talk Blog

  1. I read your latest Inquirer post in today’s Inquirer. I am sure you are an excellent teacher but some of the help you are looking for to solve the problems of poor performance in today’s school is right in today’s Inquirer.

    Read p.3, Empowering students to become leaders. Two former Teach for American teachers, Paul Dean and Bobby Erzen, have a very good idea and are trying it out in the KIPP schools. These two teachers are thinking outside the box to solve an important issue, getting kids to do their homework. Normally we hope parents will do this job or the community or some other group. Paul and Bobby took another approach. They turned to the students in the school. Their program seems to be working.

    We need more of this.

    Also read Tom Ferrick Jr.’s article in yesterday’s Inquirer, Real school reform finally? Charters will continue to replace the Philadelphia Public schools unless teachers, the union and the administrators figure out how to fix them, cause they are broken. They will slowly disappear while teachers sit around and complain about all the problems they can’t fix. Parents are no longer satisfied with the status-quo.

    There are now many Republican governors who are more than willing and anxious to support vouchers and charters. Change is coming whether we like it or not.

    Don’t wait for others to solve the problems of schools. You may not like their changes. Good teachers must pull their resources and brain power to fix their own schools.

    Paul and Bobby have one good idea. There are more to be found.


    • Kathy,

      You make valid points. Teachers can only work with what we have. We must continue to work hard to reach all of our students and solve as many problems as possible. The charter school “answer” is an attempt to change the status quo, which has merit, but overall, charters aren’t doing any better than traditional schools, and still do not reach the bottom 50 percent of students. It is tragic that our culture and society indeed likes to talk a good game about “fixing broken schools,” (parents, politicians, professors, researchers, big businesses, the media, etc.) but not many want to roll up their sleeves and do the work, actually getting involved at the tutorial/ instructional level, being good parents, promoting literacy, establishing morals and values, respect for authority, etc; they like to pawn that job off on someone else.

      Thanks for writing.

      Chris Paslay

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