Test your knowledge of Pennsylvania’s charter schools!

1.  What percentage of public schools in PA are charters?

A)  11.3%

B)  18.4%

C)  0.45%


2.  What percentage of PA charters made AYP in 2011?

A)  73.1%

B)  89.0%

C)  55.6%


3.  What percentage of PA’s 142 charters are in Philadelphia?

A)  22.4%

B)  41.4%

C)  56.3%


4.  What percentage of Philadelphia’s charters made AYP in 2011?

A)  78.0%

B)  92.9%

C)  54.7%


5.  After the Philadelphia School Reform Commission signed the “Great Schools Compact” in an effort to win grant money from Bill Gates, what percentage of Philly schools will be charters by 2017?

A)  15.5%

B)  33.3%

C)  43.1%



1.  The answer is C.  There are 3,096 public schools in PA, and 142 are charters (one half of one percent). 

2.  The answer is C.  Only 79 of PA’s 142 charters made AYP in 2011.

3.  The Answer is C.  There are 80 charters in Philadelphia in 2012. 

4.  The answer is C.  Only 40 out of Philadelphia’s 73 charters made AYP in 2011.

5.  The answer is C.  The Compact calls for turning around the District’s lowest 25 percent of schools into charters by 2017.  There are currently 249 traditional public schools in the District (.25 x 249 = 62.5).  Add 62 charters to the 80 already in existence, and you get 142.  This number (142) is 43.1 percent of 329 (80 charters + 249 traditional schools).

(Data from the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website.)

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