Teach Teens To Communicate

There is a valuable lesson to be learned from the death of Trayvon Martin. It is not about profiling or racial bias, which the Martin family attorney has stated had nothing to do with the case. The lesson to be learned from the needless death of the unarmed 17-year-old African American male is one of communication, a lesson I hope to instill into the minds of my 10th-grade students this coming school year.

If George Zimmerman or Martin made more of an effort to communicate with one another on that rainy winter night, there’s a good chance Martin would be alive today. From the evidence presented during the three-week trial, we can conclude the following: Zimmerman spotted Martin walking around in a hoodie in the rain. Because there had been numerous burglaries in the neighborhood by people fitting the description of Martin, Zimmerman got out of his truck to observe the teen and locate a street address. . . .

This is an excerpt from my commentary in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, “Teach teens to communicate.”  Please click here to read the entire article.  You can respond or provide feedback by clicking on the comment button below.

Thanks for reading.

–Christopher Paslay

5 thoughts on “Teach Teens To Communicate

  1. The problem is that few have rarely listened to black people and young black males in particular. Invisible. So sad that you teach in a predominantly minority school system and have not allowed yourself a deeper understanding of issues such as these.

  2. Why did George not know where he was? He had lived there for years. There are only three streets, he walks his dog there and is the neighborhood watchman. He could had stayed in his car and ushers lights to see better than walking in dark and rain. Martin ran from George and George followed him anyway. When they met if Martin walk away would George let him. What do you think?

  3. Mr. Paslay repeatedly refers to George Zimmerman as a Hispanic neighborhood watchman. That is not how Mr. Zimmerman thought of himself. George Zimmerman self identifies as white. He checked “white” on several documents requesting his ethnicity. Also , carrying a gun and training in martial arts reveal Zimmerman’s propensity to do more than watch.

    describe his ehnicity. Secondly Zimmerman’s carrying of a gun and his training as
    describe his

  4. The next time Mr. Paslay walks toward his home alone at twilight, and a stranger from another race stops and says “What are you doing around here?” Anyone who would engage in conversation at this point is certainly acting foolishly and should not be entrusted with the education of our youth.(Just imagine the tone, the nonverbal communication and recall that at the time Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman

    could have passed for a skinhead)
    could have passed for a skinhead)

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