Trayvon Martin Supporters Call Me ‘Racist Creep,’ Make Threats

by Christopher Paslay

After opening a discussion about communication and holding teens accountable for their behavior, Trayvon Martin supporters flood my blog with threats and verbal attacks.  

I woke up this morning to the following comment by a person named “Kenny” in response to my 7/17/13 blog post titled, “Trayvon Martin and Violence in Urban Schools”:

You are a freaking racist pig. The photo you posted of Trayvon martin is repulsive. It is also a fake, you right wing freak! I’m sending this to his atty. What kind of “teacher” attacks the memory of a dead child?

You are a total, utter creep and I will contact the Inquirer to let them know you are a fraud.

Good luck with the book, dickhead.

Sounds like “Kenny” is a real peaceful guy, interested in communication and solving problems in public education and minority communities.

After this warm and heartfelt comment I was greeted by the following post on the Philadelphia Inquirer’s comment board by a person hiding behind the pseudonym “Wellwhatdouknow” responding to a commentary I published on 7/18/13, headlined, “Teach teens to communicate”:

I hope people visit the website of this “teacher” and see the racism that is all over it. He has posted a fake picture of Trayvon Martin (which was outed as fake last year) and his blog is basically a place to rant about how ugly and evil this dead kid was. It is preposterous that would give this man a platform. I shudder to think this man is a teacher in philly. I’m going to look into which school, because his administrators might want to know what he is doing online and that he just MIGHT be a racist creep!

The threats and attacks didn’t stop there.  A person named “Manse” called for my termination from the Philadelphia School District, claiming that I run a website “that is inciting racial division and publicly attacking a dead child.”  He states:

I find it amazing that one of your teachers is openly attacking the memory of Trayvon Martin and has published previously discredited and very inflammatory pictures of him that first appeared (in 2012) on right-wing websites. In addition, people are finding this through an essay he penned for the Inquirer today that links to his website and the thinly veiled attacks on a dead, black teenager.  Christopher Paslay apparently has taken it upon himself to publicly and brazenly attack Trayvon Martin and his family. I cannot imagine that you would want to be associated with such an awful, racially charged publication.

Now, let’s calmly and peacefully analyze these aforementioned comments, one at a time.

First, the idea that the pictures I initially posted on my blog post titled “Trayvon Martin and Violence in Urban Schools” (two of which I removed because I wanted to double check my sources) are  “fake” and have been “discredited.”  In fact, each one of them has been released by George Zimmerman’s defense team and subsequently published by CNN, and WESH 2 News in Orlando, among many others news and internet outlets.

I will repost them here in this context for the purposes of this article, now that I’ve once again verified their authenticity:

FingerCell Phone Pics

Next, the idea that I’m a “racist creep.”  I invite “Kenny” and “Wellwhatdouknow” and “Manse” (people who, unlike me, do not write under their real full names but hide behind usernames) to take a good long look at the 296 articles I’ve published on this blog since 2008, and to take a trip to the library and look-up the 40 or so educational commentaries I’ve published in the Inquirer, Daily News, and City Paper, among others.  See what I stand for, what I fight for: I’m a teacher, tutor, mentor, and coach—all in an effort to better the lives of students in the City of Philadelphia.

Next, the idea that I’m “openly attacking the memory of Trayvon Martin” and “inciting racial division and publicly attacking a dead child.”

Nothing I wrote in my 7/17/13 blog about Trayvon Martin was false or inaccurate. It’s been documented in the New York Times and other publications that Trayvon was suspended from school not once but three times; was caught with a marijuana pipe and a baggie with drug residue; was kicked out of school for graffiti after he was caught with a “burglary tool” and a bag full of women’s jewelry; had texts on his Twitter account describing an attack on a bus driver; had a video on his cellphone of two homeless men fighting over a bicycle; had pictures of underage nude females on his cellphone, as well as pictures of marijuana plants and a hand holding a semi-automatic pistol; was staying at his father’s girlfriend’s house because he’d been kicked out of his mother’s house for getting into trouble; and, according to the verdict of the jury, chose to attack and beat a Hispanic man mixed-martial-arts-style instead of simply walking away and going into his house which was not even 70 yards away.

If anyone is making “false claims” and inciting racial division, it is the American media who, ironically, doctored fake evidence against George Zimmerman, including the fact that the 28-year-old Hispanic neighborhood watch captain was first described as “white” and then, bizarrely, a “white-Hispanic.”

Consider the following:

  • NBC fired a producer because they edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him sound racist (click here to read the article).
  • CNN backtracked after reporting that Zimmerman used a racial slur on his 911 call, which was later proved to be a mistake: Zimmerman said “cold” and not “coon” (click here to read).
  • ABC News revised their story that initially reported that Zimmerman had no visible injuries on his head, which he did (click here to read).

Amazingly, it seems to be okay to completely fabricate evidence to make George Zimmerman appear racist, but when people seeking to make a comment on the life and background of Trayvon Martin, publishing accurate, documented information on the teen in an effort to bring awareness to urban life (in an attempt to admit and recognize problems so we can eventually solve them), this is vilified as “racist.”

To Kenny, Manse, and Wellwhatdouknow: you are the bullies and cowards.  It is because of your refusal to acknowledge the facts that kids like Trayvon Martin are not adequately reached and properly educated in public schools in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Supporters Call Me ‘Racist Creep,’ Make Threats

  1. Add the information regarding the purchase of Skittles and Watermelon drink which when added to codeine creates an accelerated high…AND the blunts , cigars that can be hollowed out and filled with weed that Trayvon had 3 men purchase for him, as he was underage, and the image of Trayvon is further tarnished. The truth will out. Keep up the good work. Documentation at the AMERICAN THINKER.

  2. Chris –
    Based on your previous post, I could only only imagine you woke up readily expecting the anger to come….after-all, what are are blogs for?

    Happily, it seems AMERICAN THINKER (above) seems you and he and have a kindred spirit? Is this the audience you were searching for on your previous post? I expect (and hope) not.

    You are are not, as these replies posit, a “racist creep” nor a “racist pig” but based on your previous post “Trayvon Martin & Violence in American in Public Schools”, I’d say that you are very insensitive to a highly sensitive verdict.

    Don’t use Trayvon Martin’s death as a bully-pulpit for what needs to change in Philadelphia public schools. This incident did not occur anywhere near a public school and it involved no teachers. That you seem so insistent that what happened between an overzealous neighborhood watchman and a black teenager represents a “wake up” call to Philadelphia public schools is stupid.

    Moreover, in your your earlier post, you lead with that Trayvon Martin “assaulted Zimmerman”. Says who? The verdict? So, Chris, this then represents the truth? And then you write, “According to the law, it is not illegal to watch someone from your car, or to get out and follow them”. So then THIS was all Zimmerman was doing?

    This is all weak, bad stuff. And it is terrible in terms of a reasonable argument (NOTE: Chris, thanks too for the inlayed photos [e.g., “oooh, pot smoking & giving the finger = bad person”–“got it!!!]).

    But then there is the entirely non-sensible KICKER: we are told that Philadelphia schools need to take immediate heed based on Trayvon’s bad behavior?

    Chris, you do good work and I find myself only writing here when I disagree with you (as opposed to the 70% other times when I agree with you), but this time, no way.

  3. The liberal lynch mob that hears no evil, sees no evil, speaks lots of evil in terms of the Trayvon Martin shooting is scared of anyone who dares to question their version of what happened. That’s why they are attacking you Chris, The reason why is that they might have to then question their own bigotry. Given the anti-white incidents that have been happening for years in Philadelphia School District I find it laughable that these clowns are calling for your termination based on race. Where were these bigots when LaGreta Brown’s posse was attacking the Asian students down at South Philly High? If that white teacher Frank Burd had had a gun when the two black students were breaking his neck would he have been called a racist for firing it to protect himself? A black teacher tells her white student she’s like a Klansman because that student dared to wear a Mitt Romney T-shirt and the teacher is given a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile Hope Moffett, a white former Philly teacher, dares to ask the SRC about their school dealings and she is put into a rubber room for days. If you want to convince someone you’re right then try using the facts instead of trying to bully them into silence by calling them a racist. Stay the course, if these cowarly bigots can’t convince you that you are wrong by using facts and reasons, but choose to try to intimidate you instead, they are merely sheep huddling together inside their mob mentality. Pay these cowards no mind.

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