Teachable Moment: The Lynching of George Zimmerman

by Christopher Paslay

Journalism teachers can use the lynching of George Zimmerman as a teaching tool on media bias.

The video below by Bill Whittle exemplifies the media bias against George Zimmerman, and can be used by journalism teachers as a teaching tool:

4 thoughts on “Teachable Moment: The Lynching of George Zimmerman

  1. Although there is some truth here, the fact that it comes from a product of Fox News and the Tea Party makes it a bitter and unpalatable pill to swallow. The Obama haters will snatch at any straw to make a point.

  2. Since we live in O’Bummer’s Orwellian NEWSPEAK world no teacher, who values their position, would touch this with a ten foot pole. The O’Bummer sheeple simply ‘can’t stand the truth!!!’ A teacher would immediately be labeled as RACIST for just raising the topic.

    Although this case IS an invaluable teaching moment the only possible way to have this lesson is to write out a lesson plan in detail, have it approved by adminocrats at the school and district level, and IF approved have an adminocrat or Education Board Member present during the class.

  3. Trayvon Martin may have been guilty of crimes for which he was not charged, but this does not justify stalking him. Zimmerman had called the police. He was told not to follow Martin. He laid the groundwork for his murder. I hope that Zimmerman is capable of soul-searching in some meaningful way because his behavior proved itself to be far more menacing than Martin’s.

    The tone of this piece is so belittling that it is hard to listen to. The attacks on the NYT give the lie to the speaker’s impartiality, and the final shot at Obama is sickening. Teenage culture being what it is, I expect that we could find much “incriminating” evidence on the cell phones of many kids who are posing as figures much larger in life than they actually are. Using that as proof of criminality is another matter.

    There is an argument to make for Zimmerman, and apparently it was made in court. It was not made in this video. This is too intemperate and sneering to persuade me.

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