‘Philly Teachers for Trump’ Facebook Page Reaches 100 Follows

Philly for Trump

The Facebook page has reached 100 follows in its first 13 days.

Although 100 Facebook follows in a little less than two weeks doesn’t shatter any records, I’m reminded of the quote by Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching and founder of Taoism, who said, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So is the quest to reach Trump supporters who’ve been intimidated into silence, especially members of the education community in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Statistics show there are quite a few of them. In Pennsylvania, 2.9 million people voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election (105,000 from Philadelphia), another 1.5 million in New Jersey, and 2.6 million in New York; Delaware had a modest 185,000 Trump supporters. Nationwide, nearly 63 million Americans voted for our President.

But you wouldn’t know it by the press coverage our POTUS has received over the past 18 months, 90 percent of which has been negative. You wouldn’t know it by the ignorant remarks made by entertainers like Jimmy Kimmel, who consistently stereotype and mock Trump supports, or the comments made by politicians like Maxine Waters, who recently called on people to publicly harass the President and his people.

Although many Trump folks have indeed been bullied into keeping quiet, there’s a growing silent majority waiting patiently below the surface.

“Philly Teachers for Trump,” a Facebook page launched on July 25, 2018, serves as a platform for this silent majority. Here is the page’s mission statement:

A Refuge For Those Who Support Our President

Regardless of how you feel about President Trump, the fact that teachers, parents, students, and administrators in the Greater Philadelphia education community cannot openly voice their support for the POTUS without facing hostile blowback is a cause for concern. It’s bad enough Trump supporters are ostracized in public, but the existence of such behavior in a learning environment should not be tolerated.

The gatekeepers of our culture—academia, the entertainment industry, and the establishment media—are hell bent on smearing Trump 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and on silencing and/or humiliating anybody who dares to publicly support him. Amazingly, over 90 percent of the broadcast coverage of President Trump has been negative, and it just keeps getting worse.

This page is dedicated to conservative educators and Trump supporters in Philadelphia and elsewhere, and serves as a refuge from the constant bullying and harassment we face whenever we choose to openly voice our politics and values. As Winston Churchill once said, “A society where men may not speak their minds cannot long endure.”

Those in our education community courageous enough to openly support our President, please like the “Philly Teachers for Trump” Facebook page @phillyteachersfortrump. Our goal is to reach 1,000 follows by November 1st, just in time for the all-important mid-term elections.

Thanks for your support.

Christopher Paslay


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