Is Being ‘On Time’ A White Concept?

Brittney Cooper, an African American associate professor at Rutgers University, insists time is “white.” The National Museum of African American History and Culture agrees — publishing a pamphlet which stated that following ridged time schedules is “white culture.” This video argues that time may indeed be relative, but that following “western” time serves to increase the quality and manageability of one’s life, and that this should not be attributed to “white culture.”

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1 thought on “Is Being ‘On Time’ A White Concept?

  1. May seem oblique.. I came across this framing, saw relevance to your project

    In the spirit of the Bari Weiss statement, “Adults who should know better are fomenting this, and don’t see how thin the veneer of civilization is. They’re taking a pickaxe to it.” This entertaining speaker defines,

    “Mob is the position between telling your neighbor what to do by the ballot box — and actually burning down his house.”

    “That is how we get civilization” by working down the hierarchy of compulsion
    (from speech)

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