‘It’s constitutional. Bitches.’

by Christopher Paslay

Patrick Gaspard’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare can be a teachable moment on profanity and the appropriate behavior of public officials.   

“It’s constitutional.  Bitches.”  This was the tweet sent out by Patrick Gaspard, the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee and former Director of the Office of Political Affairs for the Obama administration, after learning of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare.  Although Gaspard eventually sent out a follow-up tweet acknowledging his excitement got the best of him, some may argue the tweet was in poor taste.

According to a report on The Blaze, Gaspard prepared an additional tweet:

The current DNC Executive Director, Patrick Gaspard, reacted in an astonishingly profane way to the recent Obamacare ruling of the Supreme Court. And while many are reporting on it, we have the actual tweet: “Take that motherfuckers!”

He later deleted it.

Are words like “bitches” and “motherfuckers” befitting a man of Gaspard’s position and stature?  Should high profile public servants be held to a higher standard?  Was this a responsible reaction from the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee?  Who are the “motherfuckers” Gaspard was referring to?

Food for thought, and a possible springboard into a lesson on responsible behavior of public officials.