Clearing the Record: Abington School District was Not Named in 2009 PSSA Audit

In my 3/14/12 Philadelphia Inquirer commentary, “Is city a scapegoat in cheating probe?” I mistakenly named Abington as one of 39 districts cited on the forensic audit of the 2009 PSSA exam for possible cheating.  The correct school district should have been Abington Heights in Lackawanna County.  This same mistake was made in my 3/3/12 blog post titled, “State Has Double Standard When It Comes to PSSA Cheating.”  Again, the school district should have been Abington Heights, not Abington in Montgomery County.  The post has been updated to reflect the correct district.  The Inquirer article has also been corrected and updated.          

I apologize to the Abington School District and its community for the misunderstanding.

Christopher Paslay