10 Facts About Obama’s New Education Secretary

The word is out: President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Chicago schools chief Arne Duncan as his Secretary of Education.  But who is this man? 


Here are 10 Facts About Arne Duncan:


1.  He’s been CEO of Chicago’s public schools since 2001.


2.  He was appointed deputy chief of Chicago schools by Paul Vallas in 1998.


3.  He has a bachelor’s in sociology from Harvard University.


4.  He is 44 years old (he was born 11/6/1964).


5.  He is known for “reaching out” to teachers unions.


6.  The dropout rate in Chicago has gone down every year since he’s been in charge. 


7.   Believes in performance pay for teachers.


8.  He asked congress in 2006 to double funding for the No Child Left Behind law.


9.  He supports the expansion of charter schools.


10.  He played pro basketball in Australia from 1987 to 1991. 


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